Sexual Exploitation

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UN definition of sexual exploitation of children: The use of a child for sexual purposes in exchange for cash or in-kind favours between a customer, intermediary or agent and others who profit from the trade in children for these purposes—parent, family member, procurer, teacher
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She said adult businesses, such as strip clubs, adult photography studios and spas, often serve as a gateway between legal adult services and commercial sexual exploitation.
In the first volume, they provide an overview of exposure, discussing such aspects as when home is not safe: violence within families, the impact of parental military deployment on children, and commercial sexual exploitation of children in the US.
Children from poor and marginalised communities are especially vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation,' Terre des Hommes Netherlands country manager Angela Nyamu said.
On the occasion, Sahil Executive Director Manizeh Bano said that in previous years the cases of commercial sexual exploitation of children have been reported from Kasur, Sawat, and Jaranwala.
MANILA, Philippines Online live streaming is the new phenomenon in the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines, a report of Plan International Philippines revealed yesterday.
"Despite having the lowest regional prevalence of modern slavery in the world, Europe remains a destination, and to a lesser extent, a source region for the exploitation of men, women and children in forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation, the Foundation said.
Of particular concern is the trafficking of women under the guise of marriage for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.
The majority of Afghan victims are children subjected to human trafficking in carpet-making and brick kiln factories, domestic servitude, and in commercial sexual exploitation, begging, transnational drug smuggling, and assistant truck driving.
Confronting commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of minors in the United States.
To fully implement the Code, E-Trip Africa will work in collaboration with ECPAT-USA, the leading policy organization in the United States which seeks to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and legislation.
In addition, he stressed on the need to focus on the root factors that which will lead to commercial sexual exploitation of children and to intensify efforts to address them, taking preventive measures to effectively to eliminate this phenomena.

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