National Institute of Standards and Technology

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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

a federal agency in the Department of Commerce that sets accurate measurement standards for commerce, industry, and science in the United States. The NIST compares and coordinates its standards with those of other countries and provides research and technical service to improve computer science, materials technology, building construction, and consumer product safety.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

A branch of the US Commerce Department’s technology administration which maintains primary reference standards and develops reference methods and materials.

National Institute of Standards and Technology



A federal agency that proposes and develops standards of measurement and the means to support advances in technology. It was formerly known as the National Bureau of Standards (NBS).
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WASHINGTON, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The chairman of the Canadian Forest Industries Council (CFIC) today dismissed a new Commerce Department finding on Canadian softwood lumber subsidies as a "political ploy" and vowed to continue the fight against the "economically misguided and factually indefensible" U.
With respect to Taiwan, the Commerce Department found that counter-vailable government subsidies were not in excess of the de minimus level of one percent.
With the final ITC ruling, steelmakers from the five countries avoided possible antidumping duties corresponding to the dumping margins set by the Commerce Department.
Under Commerce Department export control terminology, any computer exceeding a "composite theoretical performance" of 12.
Subscribers to his database include the CIA, the Pentagon, the Commerce Department, the government of Japan, and various multinational corporations.
Q: You write that "the 'self-regulatory regime' being constructed by ICANN is actually far more centralized and controlling in nature than the pre-ICANN Internet," with the Commerce Department announcing "its intention to retain 'policy authority'" over domain names indefinitely.
Thomas Conoscenti, as chief economist for the ABLI, declared: "The bean-counting bureaucrats of the Commerce Department mugged Long Island and tried to hijack its hard-earned economic identity.
Last week the Commerce Department filed for a stay of that order pending its appeal of Richey's decision.
Commerce Department will establish that foreign producers are dumping and foreign governments are subsidizing expanded paper-making capacity.
WASHINGTON -- Commerce Department releases personal income and spending for February, 8:30 a.
Commerce Department received a request by a host of copper consumers to restrict the export of scrap copper earlier this year.
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