comfort measures only

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com·fort mea·sures on·ly

(kŏm'fŏrt mezh'ŭrz ōn'lē)
An order that supports a dignified and comfortable natural death without life-sustaining intervention.
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She was given comfort measures only, and died a few days later.
What's more, there are two kinds of VTE prophylaxis treatment, pharmacologic or mechanical; and look what the measure introduces about the timing, and over questions such as whether the patient is on a clinical trial relative to VTE, or whether the patient was admitted for comfort measures only. Further, is the patient an obstetric patient?
Patients with terminal brain cancer who watched a brief video illustrating options for end-of-life care were significantly more likely to choose comfort measures only than were participants who only heard a verbal description of treatment alternatives.
It states that the person, upon being declared terminally ill, wants to be provided with comfort measures only, and no measures to prolong life.
She once cared for a dying patient who wanted comfort measures only. The patient deteriorated with the physician en route minutes away to write the "Do not Resuscitate" order (this was before phone or fax orders were accepted).