Comfort Food

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A term that has been variously defined as
(1) A simply prepared food that gives a sense of well-being—typically a food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content associated with childhood or with home cooking, the psychological benefits from which usually outweigh its nutritional benefits; or
(2) A hearty or deliciously satisfying food
Examples Ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, cookies, warm milk, chicken and dumplings
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To make her comfort foods heart-healthy, Blatner uses a blender to thicken soup instead of heavy cream and "bake-frying" to make food crispy instead of deep-frying.
In another experiment, eating chicken soup in the lab made people think more about relationships, but only if they considered chicken soup to be a comfort food.
Mariani describes comfort food as ``any food that a person considers to put him at ease, often as part of nostalgia for a favored childhood food.
By creating a line of delicious comfort foods that warm the heart and nourish the soul, we are providing yet another way that we can always be there to care for and support our community.
Contrary to our expectations, comfort foods appear to be chosen more often in comfortable times.
Comfort food nurtures our spirits, nourishes our bodies, and soothes our souls.
Almost every country in the world has a tradition of comfort foods,'' Linda says.
The survey explored the health and wellness perceptions, needs, values, and beliefs of 1,031 census representative American adults and uncovered insight supporting the contention that current medical guidelines and health food choices that don't fit American lifestyle realities, and are premised on the complete avoidance of comfort foods, are not realistic and have little hope of success.
150 of America's Favorite Comfort Foods All Under 350 Calories, released March 2, 2010, has found instant success locking the #1 position on the coveted New York Times Bestseller list for the week of March 21, 2010.
From spectacular soups and sauces to bubbly mac and cheese and doughnuts to die for, the issue celebrates some of the best-loved comfort foods from the magazine's readers and editors.
Conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, the survey reveals that nearly a third of Americans (32 percent) rank steak and potatoes as their favorite comfort food, with traditional favorites following close behind: chicken noodle soup (20 percent), mashed potatoes (18 percent) and pot roast (15 percent) round out the list of most-popular comfort foods.