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A structure of vaults lined with recesses which provide a permanent resting place for urns containing the ashes of human or sometimes animals, i.e., pets
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They were 'desirous of constructing at their own Cost at the South East corner of the churchyard of the Parish Church of Wargrave, a Vault measuring Nine feet square with a Columbarium over it covering an area of Twelve feet square, according to the Plans of Edwin L.
The new columbarium -- a niched wall system holding cremation urns -- provides 6,000 additional niches for cremation remains.
And he says even humans, desperate not to be parted for eternity, have asked for their ashes to be placed in a wall of plots in a columbarium alongside their pet's ashes, because animals' ashes are not allowed in human crematoria.
After the concert, participants holding candles sang hymns and prayed at the columbarium in the church basement, where 1,300 cinerary urns are kept.
Andrew's Episcopal Church in the columbarium alongside her beloved Mel.
A private inurnment is planned at the columbarium at Central Lutheran Church in Eugene.
The second phase will cover approximately 12 acres, to include an administration building and maintenance complex; a committal service shelter; 1,000 columbarium niches; 1,130 in-ground cremation sites; and a public assembly area.
A niche in a columbarium - an above-ground receptacle for cremation remains - that cost $400 for a World War II veteran in 1946 at Forest Lawn's Glendale cemetery is now valued at $7,000, said Jack Springer, executive director of the Cremation Association of North America.
As she was speaking, a man came trotting down the steps next to the columbarium that led from the upper to the lower level of the Circle.
These impassive structures house offices, priests' quarters, meeting spaces and a columbarium.