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A regional term for LSD
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BRIGHT: Kartell's small ghostbuster table in red and violet, left COLOURS GALORE: Crystals, above, can create rainbows and Kartell's quirky La Boheme stools, below, look like vases and are available in all the colours of the rainbow
Colours of the Rainbow and Citiglory are privately held distributors of natural stone in Houston.
COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW These fabulous Fly lamps are iridescent circle-shaped lights with a superb sheen.
The rich browns and ambers of beers and lagers in this country, once renowned the world over, are now replaced by the kaleidoscope of alcopops, all colours of the rainbow, there to entice our youth to under-age drinking.
In this Paddington loves all the colours of the rainbow.
These sophisticated specs come in all colours of the rainbow.
Visitors will discover how white light is made and why we can only see the colours of the rainbow, but some animals can see infrared and ultraviolet - two colours that can't be picked up by the human eye.
The 11 to 13-year-olds had to identify chemical salts found in food and the environment and create the colours of the rainbow using acids.
The message is 'eat a rainbow, beat a stroke' which means eating as many different types of fruit and vegetables to cover all the colours of the rainbow," said Angela.
uk, 0844 848 4000) ranges from mixing bowl to ramekin dish in all the colours of the rainbow.
Choose the seed carefully so you include plants of similar heights thatmatch the colours of the rainbow.
Co-chairman for the event, Adam Rees, said: 'We are reviving the original idea behind the six colours of the rainbow flag.