Colour Discrimination

The degree to which one can distinguish subtle differences in colour
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Colour discrimination was assessed monocularly by Holmgren wool test, Ishihara plate test, and the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 (FM 100) Hue test under appropriate lighting condition.
See generally Maureen Mswela & Mebdie Nothling-Slabbert, Colour Discrimination against Persons with Albinism in South Africa, 6 S.
An analysis of such defects has recently been done by Kinnear et al [1], who found colour discrimination among diabetics was poorer than non-diabetic population.
Regarding colour discrimination against persons with albinism:
Washington, July 12 ( ANI ): Prenatal and early childhood exposure to the chemical solvent tetrachloroethylene (PCE) found in drinking water may be associated with long-term visual impairments, particularly in the area of colour discrimination, according to a new study.
The motives to choose CRI, GAI, and FI are that they are concerned with the main aspects of colour appearance that are important to persons, namely, appearance of natural colours, colour discrimination capability, and preference of coloured objects.
If you listen to many commentators, it seems that in just a few decades, due to these major appointments, we've experienced the liberalisation of sex for the good of the world, the equalisation of women in our society and now, with the first black President of the USA, the end of colour discrimination.
Race and colour discrimination is one of the most important factors of unemployment, and racial income and employment inequalities are a well-established fact of Brazilian life.
Soccer pundit Ron Atkinson will use his recent experience of being branded a racist to investigate colour discrimination.
Impaired colour discrimination among workers exposed to styrene: relevance of a urinary metabolite.
The couple breathed a huge sigh of relief when their 10-week-old baby Luke tested negative for the condition, which causes degeneration in the part of the eye responsible for vision and colour discrimination.