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A regional term for LSD
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To get more colors of the rainbow on your plate, salads are always a smart choice, as are soups and stir-frys.
The Southwestern style of Sunset Ridge (*) (Quick Quilts, June/July 2017) intrigued Leslee Kaye Taylor Francolini of Littlefield, Arizona, so she made a version she calls Rainbow Ridge that includes all the colors of the rainbow. She gave it to her son Nathan, pictured, who claims that it is his most favorite quilt yet!
Sunlight may appear white, but it's really made up of all the colors of the rainbow! Over 300 years ago, a famous scientist showed the world that this is true.
Also, in addition to having flavor--charm, strange, up, down, bottom or top--quarks also have a property called color, though it has nothing to do with the colors of the rainbow. If the colors of the charm and anticharm don't correspond, they take longer to annihilate.
There are two mats that are 24 inches x 72 inches length x 2 inches that mirror the colors of the rainbow. Create a 2 wide x 12 long activity strip, toy box or tent.
"To eat more colors of the rainbow. To get my kids on board, I like to have color- themed nights--all orange and purple meals are fun!"
It is difficult to live with the colors of the rainbow in a black and white world, says Professor Biljana Vankovska for Nova Makedonija.
Each color can be independently controlled for high output from each individual chip, as well as programmed for color mixing to achieve all the colors of the rainbow plus white.