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 (Co) [ko´bawlt]
a chemical element, atomic number 27, atomic weight 58.933. (See Appendix 6.)
cobalt 57 a radioisotope of cobalt, atomic mass 57, having a half-life of 270 days; used as a label for cyanocobalamin. Symbol 57Co.
cobalt 60 a radioisotope of cobalt, atomic mass 60, having a half-life of 5.27 years and a principal gamma ray energy of 1.33 MeV; used as a radiation therapy source. Symbol 60Co.

conscientious objection

an appeal to conscience in refusing to do, or seeking exemption from, acts that threaten a person's sense of integrity. Patients as well as physicians and nurses may appeal to conscience in refusing treatment or procedures. Called also conscientious refusal.
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Symbol for carbon monoxide.


Symbol for cobalt; coccygeal; coenzyme.
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Abbreviation for:
C oxidase
cabinet office (Medspeak-UK)
capital out-turn (Medspeak-UK)
cardiac output
casualty officer
Certified Orthotist
cervical orthosis
chief officer (Medspeak-UK)
childhood onset
cholesterol oxidase
coconut oil
complains of (Medspeak-UK)
complete occlusion
contract officer
coronary occlusion
course organiser (Medspeak-UK)
cumulus oophorus
cytochrome oxidase
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Abbreviation for carbon monoxide; cardiac output; certified orthotist.


Symbol for cobalt;abbreviation for coccygeal
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Abbreviation for carbon monoxide.
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Q. Does other illness co-occur with Bipolar Disorder. My friend affected by Bipolar disorder, alcohol and drugs are more common for him. Does other illness co-occur with Bipolar Disorder?

A. there are some complications that bipolar disorder may cause, they are not really illnesses:

Substance and alcohol abuse
Financial problems
Relationship troubles
Poor work or school performance

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