color solid

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col·or sol·id

(kŭl'ŏr sol'ĭd),
A schematic arrangement of color in space, the attributes of hue, saturation, and brightness being represented by cylindrical coordinates.
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s Full Volume fortifying mascara relies on ultrafine color spheres that separate each lash and a clean volume contour brush that eliminates clumps as it builds lashes.
First, vitamins condition for softness, then ultrafine color spheres separate each lash and, finally, the clean volume contour brush promises to build lashes three times fuller without clumps.
Color Spheres line of super-concentrates in 1/30-in.
Color Spheres line of super-concentrates in 1/30-in, mini bead with pigment additives to 80%.
Color Spheres are designed for 100:1 letdown ratio and its 0.