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color index

An outmoded method of expressing the amount of hemoglobin present in each red cell.
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pl. indexes, indices [L.] the numerical ratio of measurement of any part in comparison with a fixed standard.

index case
the first case of a disease in a group to be brought to the attention of the clinician.
Color index
a publication of the Society of Dyers and Colorists and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, containing an extensive list of dyes and dye intermediates. Each chemically distinct compound is identified by a specific number, the CI number, avoiding the confusion of trivial names used for dyes in the dye industry. The Royal Horticultural Society, London, produces a similar document to aid in the identification of flower colors.
erythrocyte i's
see erythrocyte indices.
index Medicus
a monthly publication of the National Library of Medicine, in which the world's leading biomedical literature is indexed by author and subject.
opsonic index
a measure of opsonic activity determined by the ratio of the number of microorganisms phagocytized by normal leukocytes in the presence of serum from an animal infected by the microorganism, to the number phagocytized in serum from a normal animal.
phagocytic index
the average number of bacteria ingested per leukocyte of the patient's blood.
production index
a method of expressing production compared with a potential or target.
refractive index
the refractive power of a medium compared with that of air (assumed to be 1).
therapeutic index
originally, the ratio of the maximum tolerated dose to the minimum curative dose; now defined as the ratio of the median lethal dose (LD50) to the median effective dose (ED50). It is used in assessing the safety of a drug.
index Veterinarius
a periodic listing of all publications in the veterinary literature by the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, United Kingdom. Also available on on-line data search.
vital index
the ratio of births to deaths within a given time in a population.
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In addition, total anthocyanin, anthoxanthin and flavonoid contents were all decreased significantly after Pro-Ca treatment, which was in accordance with the color indices.
Subsequently, ten random of petals were selected from each group in three developmental stages to measure the color indices - the color parameter lightness (L*) and red/green (a*) by a TC-P2A colorimeter (Beijing Optical Instrument Factory, China), and each petal were measured in the middle part to reduce errors.
By measuring their color indices, the result of floral color was expressed as the color parameter L* and the color parameter a* values.
As expected from color indices, L*, a*, and b* and membrane color difference, [DELTA] E*, changed significantly after thermal treatment.
The ranking of Imax is THF heat-treated > DCM heat-treated > THF as-cast > DCM as-cast, which is the same trend as that of membrane density, color indices, b* and [DELTA] E*, and opposite the trend of FFV and L*.
Linear relationships existed between soybean color indices and soy milk and tofu properties.
2] CrB The star colors shown in this article's small circular plots are those expected from the spectral types and color indices listed here.
NOAA-AVHRR - A satellite equipped with an "Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer" sensor - generated data for the maps' color indices.
Spectral types and measured color indices seem to fade into irrelevance when one is alone under a dark sky observing these pairs of telescopic jewels.