Colour Projection

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A permutation of colour 'therapy' in which light is passed through sheets or slabs of gelatin of various colors onto the patient; according to its proponents, each color has a particular effect—e.g., red filtered light increases haemoglobin, blue light decreases fevers, etc.
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The central four-sided color projection system was designed to be a scoreboard for instant replays rather than showcase a performer's virtuosity.
There is a CD included with the booklet, which features selections for color projection or black and white printing options.
The similarities between Color Field painting and contemporaneous experiments with color projection are striking.
The committee met in New York this spring to develop the color projection which was presented late last month by the International Fashion Fabric Exhibition, which will hold its next show Oct.
Boasting a high color brightness, this versatile projector series promises vibrant and realistic color projections. With advanced features such as optional Wi-Fi connectivity, Color Universal Design, a high contrast ratio and a sliding horizontal keystone adjuster, users will be able to deliver vivid, sharp presentations anytime, anywhere.
Waring recently became a member of the Color Marketing Group, whose color projections played a role in the new introductions.