liquid crystal display

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something presented for viewing, such as on a computer screen.
liquid crystal display a thin membrane containing liquid crystals, used for displays in computers and monitoring equipment.
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liquid crystal display



A type of electronic display unit used on devices from watches to clinical laboratory instruments. It is very efficient and consumes little energy or power.
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The Mini-Bank 2150 model, known for its 7.5-inch color LCD screen and a single cassette that is expandable to a dual cassette system, is slightly more sophisticated.
Samsung has also carved out a leading position in the "post-paid" wireless phone market with attractive, multi-functional color LCD mobile phones that can access email and online services.
The 33MHz DragonBall VZ incorporates on-chip support for color LCD screens.
Toughbook CF-45MJF8AAM: Intel Pentium(R) 200MHz CPU with MMX(tm) technology, 2.16GB HDD, 32MB RAM, 12.1" 800 x 600 SVGA TFT Active Matrix Color LCD Estimated Street Price; $1,999
Features include rigger boom attachments for additional load support, a two-speed hydrostatic transmission and a 7-inch color LCD multi-function touchscreen.
The multi-function color LCD display, which delivers key control functions and rig information at the operator's fingertips, provides a clear view of the drill's performance and functions.
The camera allows the inspection of potentially hazardous areas with a simple user interface, visualizing the leakage indication on a large color LCD. Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recording) allows video and audio recording for up to 6 continuous hours.
All this functionality is directly at users' fingertips via its 2.8" TFT Color LCD 240 x 320 px touchscreen interface, entirely replacing the need to retrieve the loggers to download data.
The transflective color LCD screen modules are available in 320 x 240 (QVGA) resolution in 2.2", 2.8", 3.2", and 3.5" sizes as well as 800 x 480 (WVGA) in 5.0" size, and can be integrated into any number of applications.
Capable of withstanding a 5-foot drop, the device's magnesium-alloy frame encases a 3.5-inch QVGA color LCD touch screen with high-speed graphic display.
The digital bow sights are a two-in-one video recorder and sight that project targets onto a 3.5-inch color LCD touch screen.