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This occurs when a microorganism is found on or in a person without causing a disease.
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Q. How is colon cancer diagnosed?

A. thank you lamsophie, great answer...

Q. how successful is the treatment of removing the colon? Are there any people who have had their colons removed successfullly? What other treatment options are there and how successful are they?

A. colon removal is a treatment for various situation, usually a last resort treatment...when anything else just wouldn't or couldn't work.
it's "success" as a treatment depends on the cause. i can tell you that this is the area that absorbs B12 and bile and most of the water, so expect a shortage of that three. in the water and bile case- expect watery stool...
sorry all that doesn't seem such a nice state but when Dr. come to the point they have to do it- there must be a good enough reason.

Q. Is colon cancer hereditary? My uncle died of colon cancer and as I've been having some unexplained problems these days- of vomiting etc I'm really afraid I may have it as well. Is it hereditary? What are the first symptoms?

A. Thank you Bianca for your answers! helped a lot...this is a great site!

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The contributing authors to this book cautiously but factually analyze the history of Briain's social policies and their impact on the colonized societies.
The colonized sector is a famished sector, hungry for bread, meat, shoes, coal, and light.
Seventeen case-patients who had not been admitted to the ICU were identified as colonized or infected with out-break strains.
The second technique, the mini-column method, involved using colonized glass beads that were packed in a column.
Such a critical stance exposes not only divergences among colonized and colonizing groups, but also rarely-explored forms of domination, resistance and discipline that challenge boundaries of administrative as much as scholarly discourses.
Surrealism or sur-realite ('superior reality') became a powerful means of revealing the unconscious, as practiced in Freudian psychoanalysis, of the colonized, who had suppressed their identification with Africa to assimilate into Frenchness.
This is true except when the colonized person has a cold or poor hygiene.
Today the clothes the colonizer and colonized wear and the signification of colonial couture is just as important, perhaps even more important, as the taxes or labor demanded of them by their European overlords.
As for those other reasons: Although both the director and the actor who plays him characterize Abou Fatma as a kind of guardian angel for the confused white guy - a role black actors repeatedly find themselves playing in modern Hollywood productions - Hounsou agrees with Kapur that he at least represents a voice for the colonized that was sorely missing from earlier ``Feathers'' productions.