colon hydrotherapy

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colon hydrotherapy

an extended and more complete form of an enema as well as a method of removing waste from the large intestine without using drugs. Colon hydrotherapy is used to treat constipation or impaction, as preparation for diagnostic studies of the large intestine (barium enema, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy), and as preparation before or after surgery. The procedure is also used for bowel training for paraplegics or tetraplegics, those with arthritis, and patients who have suspected autointoxication or intestinal toxemia.

colon cleansing

(1) Colonic therapy, see there.  
(2) Colonic irrigation, see there.
A generic term for various types of enema, which are claimed to balance body chemistry, eliminate waste, and restore proper tissue and organ function

colon hydrotherapy (kōˑ·ln hīˈ·drō·theˑ·r·pē),

n washing of the rectosigmoid area, usually with an instrument, claimed to cleanse, restore intestinal flora balance, improve muscle tone, and enhance absorption of nutrients. See also hydrotherapy.
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Welliant has been serving health conscious clientele for over 25 years in its Orange County, CA offices with holistic services that include colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna therapy, detoxification assistance, hypnosis, grief therapy, divorce recovery, NLP, EFT, and Wellsense(TM), its advisory program for living with conditions such as constipation, diabetes and arthritis.
has revolutionized the world of colon hydrotherapy by introducing a proprietary process to energize the water used in its colonics.
Having colon hydrotherapy sessions during a detox does speed up and assist the process.
We go the extra mile, unlike some independent colon hydrotherapy facilities, and we provide education through our bi-weekly seminars" said Passeur.
Surgeons at a London Hospital are researching the possible benefits of colon hydrotherapy after discovering that patients with bowel problems made immense improvements after receiving the treatment prior to operations.
In Greensboro, North Carolina, for example, some patients schedule a colonic irrigation at a local colon hydrotherapy clinic and then travel to the hospital for a colonoscopy.
Certification for muscle testing, clay bath technician & colon hydrotherapy.
Services offered include massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, sauna, whirlpool, facials, mud and paraffin baths, body wraps and more.
It was not your usual spa, but it did offer Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, reflexology, Reiki, facials, and colon hydrotherapy.
Project Content: This project covers an area of 150 acres, with the annual output of 500 sets Colon hydrotherapy instruments and 40 million Colon hydrotherapy consumables.
Treatments include medically-guided juice fasts, colon hydrotherapy, spa sessions, integrated medical services, nutritional support (including organic, live cuisine) and daily, mind-body activities monitored by a professional team of onsite doctors, licensed therapists, movement consultants and food chefs.