colon hydrotherapy

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colon cleansing

(1) Colonic therapy, see there.  
(2) Colonic irrigation, see there.
A generic term for various types of enema, which are claimed to balance body chemistry, eliminate waste, and restore proper tissue and organ function
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According to Chu, clients who opt to have colon hydrotherapy at her centre would initially be fearful of it but she promises that a single session will change their views on the therapy.
The authors failed to acknowledge that the frequency of reported complications of colon hydrotherapy may be significantly less than those reported with various diagnostic tests, such as barium enema examination, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy.
"Colon hydrotherapy is the fastest and safest way to clean your colon.
Speaking of resources any comprehensive career center probably should have, you've got to like a career guide that's called You're Certifiable and gives readers the poop, as it were, on such offbeat careers as colon hydrotherapy, beer brewing, pet sitting and clowning.
My daughters began referring to it as "Camp CoIonics." It was not your usual spa, but it did offer Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, reflexology, Reiki, facials, and colon hydrotherapy. Above all else, it was a school devoted to helping people assume full responsibility for their own health.
To get healthy, people book themselves for a nutritional consultation and often colon hydrotherapy treatment to ease constipation, gas and bloating."
These include aroma therapy, bach flower remedies, colon therapy, chelation therapy, cupping, craniosacral therapy, colon hydrotherapy, reflexology and hydrotherapy.
The article also contained jumps in logic that misrepresent colon cleansing in general, and colon hydrotherapy in particular.
COLON HYDROTHERAPY: This clears the colon of waste material through gentle flushing with water.
good old fashioned douche, colon hydrotherapy fans report vast improvements in skin condition, hair lustre and cellulite.
Colon Hydrotherapy. Closed Toxygen System by appointment only.
Colon hydrotherapy,more commonly known as colonic irrigation, is thought to help eliminate the toxins which have built up in the body.