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Abbreviation for heat shock proteins , under protein.


abbreviation for heat shock protein.


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Zayo will provide expanded colocation space in its Oak Brook and Ashburn data centers by more than 50 cabinets along with IP connectivity.
Among the largest providers, Equinix is the market leader in the combined wholesale and retail colocation market with a share of 8.
The data center colocation is estimated to grow from USD 25.
Based on space and power requirements for maintaining the data servers, the market for Colocation services are broadly segmented into two types-retail colocation and wholesale colocation.
The global colocation market is the physical (facilities and networking) underpinning of both enterprises' off-premises computing, and hosting and cloud service providers' value-add services.
Data center colocation is playing vital role in various industry verticals as to cater their IT needs efficiently.
Clients demand faster execution speeds and exchanges need to offer these in order to compete, said Leanne Parsons, Director: Equity Market at the JSE, Aside from faster trading speeds and updates to market data which will allow for enhanced response to market movements and deployment of new trading strategies, colocation also reduces the cost of bandwidth for clients.
Through the acquisition of CoreXchange's facilities, zColo will be able to provide colocation alternatives for enterprise customers, carriers and content providers, among others.
This research report categorizes the global colocation market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following sub-markets:
He continues, "Everyone at Gateway Colocation wishes to express their deepest sympathy to the victims and their families of Tuesday's tragedy.
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Colocation Northwest's new expansion into the world-class Centeris SH1 facility is driven by increasing customer demand for scalable, high performance colocation, including disaster recovery services.