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James S., English physician, 1870-1935. See: Collier tract, Collier sign, Collier tucked lid sign.
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Beginning in 1956, as the Trans-Canada Highway was under construction, Collier committed himself to painting and photographing Canada's diverse geography on summer trips taken with his family, often by car and camping trailer.
In an interview Wednesday, Collier said his unsuccessful campaign for comptroller opened his eyes to the needs of the party.
html) Huffington Post , Collier was shot multiple times during a shootout with Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings.
But Collier, who was then working for Bean Hamilton Corporate Benefits in Little Rock, failed to notify the Arkansas insurance Department within 30 days that he'd been disciplined for fraudulent and dishonest business practices, as required by state law.
DUBLIN Airport Authority boss Declan Collier quit as head of the board yesterday to move to London.
In April Collier Drug Stores owner Mel Collier announced his own economic stimulus package.
Our grandfather Joseph Collier, and his wife Elisa May Collier, lived at 63 High Street, Senghenydd in the early 1920s.
The 14 blasts echoed in the still night as bullets slammed into former Jacksonville Jaguars football team offensive tackle Richard Collier.
Julie Anne Collier of the Wingmasters outreach program will bring the eagle and the owl, along with three other live birds of prey, to the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library, 3 West Main St.
Eartha Collier is now asking the judge to reconsider the decision and reinstate her case against the college, its president and two other administrators, according to her lawyer, Edward Stein of Chicago.
But despite supervising 77,000 offenders, 67 offices and 1,230 parole officers across the state, parole division director Bryan Collier maintains his poise.
Fish and Wildlife Service officials made history recently when they dedicated a new national wildlife refuge to the memory of famed hunting guide Holt Collier.