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James S., English physician, 1870-1935. See: Collier tract, Collier sign, Collier tucked lid sign.
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And it was because of his continuing poor health that Collier, now 68, escaped being jailed when he was finally sentenced in his absence by a judge at Swansea Crown Court.
A DAA spokesman said Mr Collier, whose total earnings for last year reached EUR612,500, will not be given a golden handshake.
The woman was asleep in a room at a city centre hostel for the homeless when Collier walked in.
In his newest book, Paul Collier expands his analysis of poverty and the resource curse, the subject of his influential The Bottom Billion, to tackle the problem of the mismanagement of nature.
Collier promised to reimburse Collier Drug employees for half the value of purchases they made from local businesses during the month, up to a total of $100.
The latest award is one of many for Collier's, which has won a whole cabinet full in recent years.
Collier and former Jaguars defensive end Kenneth Pettway were shot out- side an apartment building.
Julie Anne Collier of the Wingmasters outreach program will bring the eagle and the owl, along with three other live birds of prey, to the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library, 3 West Main St., West Brookfield, at 6:30 p.m.
Eartha Collier is now asking the judge to reconsider the decision and reinstate her case against the college, its president and two other administrators, according to her lawyer, Edward Stein of Chicago.
Many companies talk about diversity, but Everett Collier and David Ostrom live it.
Two words come to mind when describing Janis Collier: energy and performance.
But despite supervising 77,000 offenders, 67 offices and 1,230 parole officers across the state, parole division director Bryan Collier maintains his poise.