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Frédéric-Justin, French otolaryngologist, 1870-1965.
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The patrolling area of males in search of females has been largely overlooked in wild bees, but Peakall & Schiestl (2004) have shown that Colletes cunicularius males are mostly found within a very close range (i.
1 Apidae Leiopodus 1 3 trochantericus Apidae Leptometriella 1 7 4 1 2 separata Apidae Melectoides 1 cockereli Apidae Rhinepeolus 1 rufiventris Apidae Svastra 3 2 3 bombylans Apidae Svastrides 1 6 1 zebra Apidae Xylocopa ordinaria Colletidae Colletes sp.
Abejas con amplia distribucion (A): Se refiere a aquellas abejas que tienen un amplio rango de distribucion geografica y altitudinal y que llegan a ecosistemas altoandinos (ej: Colletes sp, Megachile sp y Bombus atratus).
The discovery of the northern colletes species on the Hebridean islands of Colonsay and Oronsay has delighted environmentalists, who had been alarmed by the decline in its numbers caused by major habitat loss.
Abstract: Five new species of Antillean bees are described and illustrated: Colletes granpiedrensis n.
In contrast, in population C the most abundant pollinators, pollinivorous Colletes sp.