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Frédéric-Justin, French otolaryngologist, 1870-1965.
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By using GC analyses of virgin female bee extracts Vereecken et al., (2007) found significant differences in sex pheromone blends among populations in the solitary bee Colletes eunicularius (Hym.
Most solitary bees (about 70%) nest in the ground, including Andrena (Andrenidae), Colletes (Colletidae), most halictid bees (Halictidae), most Anthophorinae (Apidae) and some Megachilidae.
The discovery of the northern colletes species on the Hebridean islands of Colonsay and Oronsay has delighted environmentalists, who had been alarmed by the decline in its numbers caused by major habitat loss.
Abstract: Five new species of Antillean bees are described and illustrated: Colletes granpiedrensis n.
The most abundant species were Proformica longiseta, which represented 81.5% of overall floral visits, Fannia scalaris (5.7%), Colletes aff.
The ten-stamp set features images of various bee species from across the UK - also including the Scabious Bee, Great Yellow Bumblebee, Northern Colletes Bee, Bilberry Bumblebee and the Potter Flower Bee.
The genus Colletes includes about 100 species in North America north of Mexico (Stephen 1954), of which about 34 occur in eastern North America (Mitchell 1960).