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(kol'ēz), Avoid the incorrect forms Colle and Colle's.
Abraham, Irish surgeon, 1773-1843. See: Colles fascia, Colles fracture, Colles ligament, Colles space.
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All cases of Colles' fracture that reported to CMH Rawalpindi within 24 hours of injury were included.
In patients with Colles' fracture with intra articular extension, the intraarticular step of less than 1 mm in 53 patients was seen (table 1).
Colles' fracture accounts for 15 -20 percent of all fractures treated in the emergency department.
Colles A: On the fracture of the carpal extremity of the radius.
Salvi AE.The handshake technique: proposal of a closed manual reduction technique for Colles' wrist fracture.
Much of Colles' academic career was at the College of Surgeons in Dublin.
Much of the work of the surgeon in those days was concerned with venereal diseases and Colles published an important treatise on the subject, 'Practical Observations on the Venereal Disease and the Use of Mercury' in 1837.
Colles retired from his chair of surgery in 1836 because of ill health - gout and cardiac failure, which was treated with infusion of digitalis.