Coliform Count

A test of water potability
Untreated water, e.g., from the Thames:
Typical coliform count ± 2,000 bacteria/100 cm3
Mechanically treated water—Post storage, sedimentation and clarification: ± 10 bacteria/100 cm3
Chemically treated water—disinfection with chlorine or ozone: 0 bacteria/100 cm3 for safely distribution to public
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(1972), The Coliform Count as a Measure of Water Quality, In R.
Besides one unit used for testing ABPC, two units (120 liters/40 seconds) were selected for the coliform count (ABCC).
Similarly, these hotels were found to have released wastewater into Coron Bay, contributing to the presence of high coliform count in some portions of it.
The coliform count in a sampling station in Davao River amounted to 16-million MPN (most probable number) per 100 liters compared to the standard of standard of 200 MPN per 100 liters.
Total Coliform count (multiple tube method, MPN technique) and Faecal Coliform (presence/absence) were also tested.
Puyat said the government reduced the coliform count in Boracay from thousands to 50.
Puyat said the coliform levels in the two beaches have exceeded the acceptable coliform count of 100 most probable number (mpn).
In a radio interview, Romulo-Puyat bared the coliform count at Alona Beach in Panglao and Buena Suerte Beach in El Nido was 16,000 most probable number (mpn) and 1,300 mpn, respectively.
Of all nine samples, the coliform count was less than 10 CFU per ml.
Microbial Analysis: In the laboratory, water samples were processed for analysis of total viable, coliform and fecal coliform count. Total viable count (TVC) in the water samples were performed by spread plate method using Nutrient agar medium(Suthar et al.
The samples were subjected for total bacterial count (TBC), total coliform count (TCC) and isolation.
Aliquots of each dilution were spreaded on Nutrient agar (Himedia Labs, Mumbai, India) for aerobic plate count (APC) and MacConkey agar (Himedia Labs, Mumbai, India) for total coliform count (TCC) as described by Lateef and Kana (2014).