Coliform Count

A test of water potability
Untreated water, e.g., from the Thames:
Typical coliform count ± 2,000 bacteria/100 cm3
Mechanically treated water—Post storage, sedimentation and clarification: ± 10 bacteria/100 cm3
Chemically treated water—disinfection with chlorine or ozone: 0 bacteria/100 cm3 for safely distribution to public
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Coliform count was carried out according to previously described method (Colins et al.
The fecal coliform count of the wastewater discharged by the 10 drains ranges from 2.
Water analysis: Coliform count was assessed by the Most Probable Number (MPN) technique by using McCready's tables (14).
High frequency ultrasound (HFU) was not effective in reducing heterotrophic plate count (HPC), total coliform count (TCC), or Listeria spp.
3M Food Safety announced today that 3M[TM] Petrifilm[TM] Aqua Coliform Count Plates have received Performance Tested Method (PTM) validation (Certification Number 091101) from the AOAC Research Institute.
Siges code 39019,plate escherichia coli and total coliform count.
Coliform count results identified some of the same sites as the APC as being heavily contaminated, although lower overall counts were found in coliform testing as compared to the APC testing.
This suggests that harvesting mussel from rivers at sites with high coliform count could be a health risk.
The significant decline in Coliform count in treatments TC, TD and TE indicate that soaking meat in OGE from 1-2 hours had more impact on the keeping quality of suya so treated with ocimum oil.
The bacterial load in the river water has alarmingly increased in the past five years, and as per our assessment, the faecal coliform count in the stretch of the Ganges in Bihar has currently gone six times higher than the permissible limit of 500 MPN (Most Probable Number) per 100ml," said Professor Ravindra Kumar Sinha, a member of the National Ganga River Basin Authority which was established by the central government in February 2009 with the purpose to safeguard the drainage basin which feeds water into the Ganges by protecting it from pollution or overuse.
Total plate count, psychrophilic count and coliform count: TPC, PC and coliform count in the samples were determined following methods as described by APHA (1984).
As a validation of their effectiveness, NeoFilm tests for aerobic count, coliform count, and E.