Coley, W.B.

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W.B., U.S. surgeon, 1862-1936.
Coley fluid - Synonym(s): Coley toxin
Coley toxin - injection with this bacterial toxin causes a febrile reaction and reduction in size of tumor mass. Synonym(s): Coley fluid
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chelonae with identical genetic profiles in 8 patient samples and 3 therapeutic solutions, including a Coley toxin homeopathic formulation, from Practitioner A's clinic.
chelonae-contaminated Coley toxin formulation, and the same formulation had been included with colloidal silver in a spray solution that was used to "clean" patients' skin before injections were administered.
The Johns Hopkins team began their work on C novyi-NT based on accounts of a 100-year-old immunotherapy called Coley toxins, in which some cancer patients with serious bacterial infections experienced remission.
Bibliography of reports concerning the clinical or experimental use of Coley Toxins (Streptococcus pyogenes and Serratia marcescens), 1893-1984.