colon hydrotherapy

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colon hydrotherapy

an extended and more complete form of an enema as well as a method of removing waste from the large intestine without using drugs. Colon hydrotherapy is used to treat constipation or impaction, as preparation for diagnostic studies of the large intestine (barium enema, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy), and as preparation before or after surgery. The procedure is also used for bowel training for paraplegics or tetraplegics, those with arthritis, and patients who have suspected autointoxication or intestinal toxemia.

colon cleansing

(1) Colonic therapy, see there.  
(2) Colonic irrigation, see there.
A generic term for various types of enema, which are claimed to balance body chemistry, eliminate waste, and restore proper tissue and organ function

colon hydrotherapy (kōˑ·ln hīˈ·drō·theˑ·r·pē),

n washing of the rectosigmoid area, usually with an instrument, claimed to cleanse, restore intestinal flora balance, improve muscle tone, and enhance absorption of nutrients. See also hydrotherapy.
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