Cold Case

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Forensics A crime that has remained unsolved for a long period of time, has no new evidence, and has been deemed a low priority by its original investigating agency or department
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Retailers will not be required to commit to an expensive, ongoing cold case monitoring solution.
Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland revealed that witnessing the pain of Elaine's family led to the birth of the Crown Office Cold Case Unit, who eventually nailed ex–soldier John Docherty for her murder.
majority of deaths being investigated by the Historical Enquiries Team were caused by republi-cans, the cold case unit said yesterday.
Police would not disclose any additional cases the cold case squad will investigate, but among the unsolved cases in Eugene include the 1997 disappearance of 38-year-old Rebecca Reid, who was taken from the Grocery Cart store where she was a manager.
GRIEVING parents will today demand a cold case review into their son's death 11 years ago.
But if investigating a current crime is difficult, re-examining a cold case is a huge challenge.
In 2006, the FBI began its Cold Case Initiative to identify and investigate murders committed during our Nation's Civil Rights era.
If not for a single fingerprint filed inconspicuously inside a folder with thousands of other cold case files, the March 18, 1973, homicide might have just been left to a family's memories.
2) In cold case homicides, investigators often are forced to work with stale information and a lack of evidence.
WAKING the Dead returns for another two-parter, with regulars Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston, Holly Aird, Claire Goose and Wil Johnson back to open another cold case.
Investigators cracked the cold case in 2006 through positive AFIS identification of one partial fingerprint taken from the corpse in 1989.
THE cold case review of Madeleine McCann's disappearance uncovered 95 potential new leads in its first year.