Cold Shock Protein

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A protein expressed at low temperatures that protects cell components from changes caused by suboptimal temperatures
Example CspA, a cold-shock protein of E coli, which binds RNA and prevents 2º structure formation, CspB of Bacillus subtilis
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Although this study was useful in demonstrating that gene expression changes do occur in response to cold shock, studies are lacking that examine additional Deinococci genomes for putative cold shock proteins.
Bacterial cold shock proteins (Csps) represent a family of small proteins (smaller than 100 amino acids in length) with common structural features and a capacity to bind to single-stranded nucleic acids by way of conserved, N-terminally located nucleic acid-binding motifs [9].
maricopensis deals with significant, diurnal temperature shifts is by utilizing genome-encoded cold shock proteins (Csps).
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