Cold Case

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Forensics A crime that has remained unsolved for a long period of time, has no new evidence, and has been deemed a low priority by its original investigating agency or department
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Pearston said: "DNA 24 is an invaluable tool for cold case work.
At an examination of the facts in July, Fraser - who made admissions to police over the cold case killing in 2013 - was found to have committed the murder "beyond a reasonable doubt" by judge Lord Glennie.
As it turns out, she not only has the same drive and commitment as the veteran, but also a private agenda which provides a second plot to the original cold case they are tasked to work on.
Detective Supt Rob Vinson, of Kent Police's cold case team, said yesterday: "We have presented a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service for their consideration in relation to the murder of Claire Tiltman.
Eyes of Cold Case Killers is available in print and ebook versions.
DELAYED JUSTICE: INSIDE STORIES FROM AMERICA'S BEST COLD CASE INVESTIGATORS provides true crime collections with fine examples of cold cases that remain solved for many years--and how law enforcement professionals who revive abandoned cases use new methods to achieve justice.
The horrendous particulars of the Dee and Moore case are now internationally known, in no small part because of my 2007 film "Mississippi Cold Case." Before then, only a handful of reporters, including Anthony Marro, Stephanie Saul, Jerry Mitchell, and Connie Chung, had looked into the murders since 1964.
"The families of the victims are still living with the horrors of the murders," says Ben Greenberg, an investigative reporter with the Cold Case Project, an organization of writers and filmmakers dedicated to bringing these cases to justice.
A cold case review is reexamining the death of a man whose body was found off Earlsdon Avenue North, Earlsdon, on October 30, 1993.
THE mystery disappearance of teenager 15 years ago has finally been solved by cold case cops.
HISTORY COLD CASE BBC TwoWales, 9pm Whether they're a fan of history or mystery, viewers are finding something for everybody in this fascinating series which uses the most up-to-date of scientific techniques to solve the gruesome enigmas of the past.
A "COLD case" police probe has resulted in a convicted Teesside drug dealer being ordered to pay back pounds 50,000 or go back to jail.