Coke bottles

Coke® bottles

Ophthalmology A popular term for thick glasses, which have been fancifully likened to the bottoms of the 'classic' bottles of Coca-Cola
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A DESIGNER from Northern Ireland is set to follow in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfield and Jean Paul Gaultier by reinventing Coke bottles.
They sell Ecoease - a fire-retardant secondary glazing solution that's made from the same stuff used for aircraft cockpit windows and Coke bottles and it can cut fuel bills by up 25 per cent.
The newspaper clippings in the Local Culture Pictorial Guide point to a precedent far doser to home: A clipping announcing the opening of a Warhol show at "The Gallery, on the seventh floor of Hudson's Downtown Detroit store" notes that "much of the inspiration for his earlier works came from such simple everyday items as newspaper pages, match covers, multiple images of glass labels, Coke bottles.
American popular culture as experienced by English teenagers in the mid-50s - even the Coke bottles are authentic, although the gents' hairdressing sign is a bit of a giveaway.
The GrassRoots Recycling Network launched its campaign in April 1997 calling upon Coca-Cola to take responsibility for the billions of plastic Coke bottles wasted every year, by making new bottles with recycled plastic.
Like one of his Jackies or Marilyns or soup cans or Coke bottles, Warhol eventually turned himself into an icon.
It heard how glass coke bottles were thrown at officers at 3.
He said: "I'm like: 'What would they make of the world if they started to dig it up in, say, another 400,000 years and they found things like Coke bottles and keyrings and things?
Euro 2004 commemorative labels on Coke bottles sold in neighbouring Denmark claim Bulgaria beat Sweden to third place in the 1994 World Cup.
An exception: the Johnsian "Silver Coke Bottles," 1967.
The man, who served up images of soup cans and Coke bottles as fine art, began life in Pittsburgh as the youngest son of Slovakian immigrants.
They can bid for bigger more valuable items by collecting ringpulls or labels on special 500ml Coke bottles, available in store from the first week of August.