coitus interruptus

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sexual union by vagina between male and female; usually applied to the mating process in human beings. adj., adj co´ital.
coitus incomple´tus (coitus interrup´tus) coitus in which the penis is withdrawn from the vagina before ejaculation, a widely used but unreliable method of contraception.
coitus reserva´tus coitus in which ejaculation of semen is intentionally suppressed.
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co·i·tus in·ter·rup·'tus

sexual intercourse that is interrupted before the male ejaculates.
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coitus interruptus

Sexual intercourse deliberately interrupted by withdrawal of the penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation.
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coitus interruptus

A form of natural family planning in which the man's orgasm and ejaculation are an out-of-body experience. See Contraception, Natural family planning, Pearl index.
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co·i·tus in·ter·rup·tus

(kō'i-tŭs in-tĕr-rŭp'tŭs)
Sexual intercourse that is stopped before the male ejaculates.
Synonym(s): withdrawal (5) .
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coitus interruptus

Withdrawal of the penis from the vagina after copulation has been in progress for some time, but before the male orgasm and ejaculation, occur. An unreliable method of contraception, liable to let couples down in more ways than one.
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