Cogwheel Sign

Gynaecology A term referring to the appearance by ultrasonography in pelvic inflammatory disease, consisting of oedematous intrasalpingeal folds that take the shape of a cogwheel on cross-section
Neurology Cogwheel rigidity
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(3) Other findings include diametrically opposed indentations of the wall (Waist sign) and short linear mucosal or submucosal folds that when viewed in cross section appear similar to the spokes of a cogwheel (Cogwheel sign).
We observed an increased volume of the abdomen, due to the subcutaneous tissue, diffuse pain in the right flank and the right iliac fossa, extrapyramidal muscular rigidity (positive cogwheel sign) and akinesia with masked facies, choppy speech and slow, broad movements of the limbs.
Only two patients with chronic disease had the cogwheel sign, and none of the acute cases had the beads-on-a-string sign.