developmental red flag

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An objective finding that indicates a delay in an infant, toddler, or pres-chooler in achieving developmental milestones, which fall into 5 major areas
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developmental 'red flag'

Pediatrics An objective finding that indicates a delay in achieving developmental milestones; DRFs in assessing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers fall into 5 major areas:
Developmental red flag
Gross motor skills, eg does not roll over–5 months, can't hop–4 years
Fine motor skills, eg doesn't hold rattle–4-5 months, can't copy a circle–4 years
Language skills, eg not babbling–5-6 months, doesn't understand prepositions–4 years
Cognitive skills, eg does not search for dropped object–6-7 months, doesn't know colors or any letters–5 years
Psychosocial development, eg does not smile socially–5 months, in constant motion, resists discipline, does not play with other children–3-5 years NEJM 1994; 330:478cc. See Developmental milestone.
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28 (Petra)- The Idrak platform, an initiative of Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, (QRF) signed a cooperation agreement with Al-Ahliyya Charity Schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to utilize the e-service's open-source e-learning sources, to improve the UAE-based schools' educational process, and improve their students' cognitive skills. The agreement was signed here on Wednesday by Shireen Yaqoob, Idrak's CEO, and the principal of Al-Ahliyya Charity Schools, Reem Hussein.
Things like clay and play dough helps in developing their motor and cognitive skills as they shape out objects with their hands.
Can we provide systematic evidence that teachers' cognitive skills matter for student achievement?
The Crawl Ahead mobility helps babies and young toddlers with grasping the ability to crawl, improving their motor and cognitive skills. Through crawling, users are able to explore more, learn new experiences, and gain strength and confidence.
Too little sleep and excess screen time were clearly linked to a drop off in cognitive skills, such as language ability, memory, and task completion, they reported in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.
Some proposals regarding the children television, those should be frame in subjected TV structure these are; science and mathematics programs with application, arts and culture enhancement, teaching and tutor training sessions, special education and cognitive skills learning projects.
Demand for some higher cognitive skills, especially creativity and complex problem-solving, will also rise.
He said teenagers lacked the cognitive skills to realise that staying up all night using a smartphone would mean they were tired for school the next day.
[USA], Mar 27 (ANI): Dear parents, music lessons can improve your child's cognitive skills and academic performance.
According to the ATC21S project, CPS can be classified into two dimensions - social skills and cognitive skills. The three elements of social skills include participation, perspective taking and social regulation whereas the two elements of cognitive skills are task regulation and knowledge building.
A person's ability to read, learn, think, remember and pay attention - "cognitive skills" - are important for moving ahead in life.

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