Coffin Dodger

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A flippant term for a patient who has escaped an almost certain death for various reasons
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That's the sad question that has to be answered after once again trouble flared at Salisbury last week between coffin dodgers armed to the teeth with strawberry splits and screwballs.
Many moons ago a coffin dodger called After Time Andy told me always to back sprinters in April and May who had a fitness advantage over their rivals, as it was much harder to get the older speedsters fully wound up after a break.
They made captivating TV, and not only because you get to play spot the coffin dodger under 80 at the Tory `do' (where will they hold it in five years' time when all their delegates are dead?
The old chestnut of man flu and how it radically effects the average bloke who just knows he is about to die at the first cough and snivel, seems to affect those approaching upper middle age, never us coffin dodgers.
com LMRCA, Holyhead 01407 762612 Event: Coffin Dodgers Time: 9-30pm Cost: PS1 non members Details: Multi talented group SUNDAY The Blue Bell, Conwy 01492338137 Date: Every Sunday Event: Open Mic with Gaz and Craig Time: 8-10.
Lately we were relegated to old codgers, Longevity sees us reclassified as coffin dodgers.
COFFIN DODGERS PS4 HH HHH HAVING just returned from Florida, where it appears every other person rides a mobility scooter, I loved the idea racing pensioners around on zippy little machines, writes Cheryl Mullin.
So that's how I first viewed Coffin Dodgers - as a way to exact a pseudo revenge for every clipped ankle, every near miss and every blocked aisle.
com)-- Two award-winning UK independent studios have teamed up to publish hit PC kart racing game Coffin Dodgers on current-gen consoles.