Coffin Dodger

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A flippant term for a patient who has escaped an almost certain death for various reasons
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IWAS more than appalled to read Paul Hemming's letter about "coffin dodgers" ruining his coach holiday.
But we still feel sorry for 'coffin dodgers', many of them younger than us.
I used the photo from my second book, Journal Of A Coffin Dodger.
Didn't see 'Himself' myself, but its definitely 15-30 to Geoff 'The Coffin Dodger' Lester.
"It's all about the buzz," quoted the first-named coffin dodger, who liked nothing better than to lob hundreds and thousands on his beleaguered victims while they lay covered in chocolate sauce.
Other drivers have tooted their horns, banged their windows or in one case some old coffin dodger mimed taking down my registration number.
Many moons ago a coffin dodger called After Time Andy told me always to back sprinters in April and May who had a fitness advantage over their rivals, as it was much harder to get the older speedsters fully wound up after a break.
They made captivating TV, and not only because you get to play spot the coffin dodger under 80 at the Tory `do' (where will they hold it in five years' time when all their delegates are dead?
Brighton: 2.00 Royal Tavira Girl, 3.30 Elounda, 4.00 Coffin Dodger, 4.30 Out For A Stroll.
Brighton: 2.00 Cosmic Destiny, 2.30 Bucharest, 3.00 Coffin Dodger, 3.30 Copernican, 4.00 Jalamid, 4.30 Lost All Alone.