Coffin Dodger

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A flippant term for a patient who has escaped an almost certain death for various reasons
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That's the sad question that has to be answered after once again trouble flared at Salisbury last week between coffin dodgers armed to the teeth with strawberry splits and screwballs.
Many moons ago a coffin dodger called After Time Andy told me always to back sprinters in April and May who had a fitness advantage over their rivals, as it was much harder to get the older speedsters fully wound up after a break.
They made captivating TV, and not only because you get to play spot the coffin dodger under 80 at the Tory `do' (where will they hold it in five years' time when all their delegates are dead?
Award-winning indie studio Milky Tea, based in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle district, released its Coffin Dodgers game in July on PC, MAC and Linux.
com)-- Two award-winning UK independent studios have teamed up to publish hit PC kart racing game Coffin Dodgers on current-gen consoles.
Laura Harrison, organiser of the event said: "This is just one way of raising money for Looking out for Linda and it should be a fun family day with other activities such as face painting and live band the Coffin Dodgers.
ALL the coffin dodgers will tell you exactly where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, while all the old dears can instantly recall their whereabouts when Neil Armstrong bounced up and down on the moon.
We'd got the coffin dodgers turning up here and admitted to me that they'd turned up because I looked upset after the Wigan defeat.
IN view of the fact that Gordon Brown sacked one of his MPs recently for calling elderly people coffin dodgers when he said such statements had no place in the Labour party will he now do the honourable thing and resign over his remarks to Mrs Duffy which to me are far more serious.
Given Labour's traditional hatred of the House of Lords, and of how the Tories down the years manipulated their inbuilt majority of snoring old coffin dodgers, isn't it a bit rich that Mandelson just minces on to those red leather benches without a ballot box in sight to trip him up?