Coffee Enema

An enema that uses coffee to stimulate bile and hepatic glutathione-SH production, both of which are claimed to help detoxify the body in cancer patients. Coffee enemas are a major component of Gerson therapy, an unconventional form of cancer treatment based on a program of ‘detoxification’
Toxicity Coffee leaches K+ and electrolytes from the body, and causes fatal electrolyte imbalances; large doses of caffeine in coffee enemas may result in anxiety, dehydration, diarrhoea
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The concentrated coffee enema in the therapeutics of shock.
It is best, although not necessary, to do this after a bowel movement or a coffee enema.
SELF-PROCLAIMED "role model" Richard Blackwood following Paul Ross's lead, and his own Channel 5 coffee enema in 2003, by undergoing a live rectal exam on This Morning.
This is called a coffee enema," we are helpfully informed.
SUNDAY Richard Blackwood, the comedian whose career highlights include giving himself a coffee enema on Celebrity Detox and playing Donkey on stage in Shrek, has a face off with fellow stand-up Danny 'Slim' Gray at Birmingham Town Hall tonight.
The Clinic is currently offering a coffee enema and a colonic for just pounds 60.
The rest of the bus hides behind newspapers or sipping at their morning coffee enema.
Participants also learn coffee enema, castor oil pack and clay pack techniques in order to be able to help themselves, their family and friends.
Their two most popular treatments are the coffee enema and colonic irrigation.
They also experienced a full day on a modified Gerson Therapy protocol, with seven juices, the Gerson-approved meals and a coffee enema.
That is why the coffee enema is not an optional part of the Gerson Therapy.
Well should refer to the coffee enema as an "old hippie remedy" - as in his early career he appeared to learn so much from the primitives (haven't we all).