Coenurus cerebralis

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Coe·nu·rus ce·re·bra·'lis

the coenurus larvae of the tapeworm Multiceps multiceps, found in the brain and spinal cord of sheep, goats, and other ruminants (a few have also been recorded in humans); adults are found in the intestine of dogs, foxes, coyotes, and jackals.


a metacestode, a larval stage (metacestode) of a tapeworm belonging to the genus Taenia (Multiceps).

Coenurus cerebralis
metacestode of Taenia multiceps found in the brain and spinal cord of sheep, but in other organs of goats. See also coenurosis.
Coenurus serialis
metacestode of the tapeworm Taenia serialis of dogs and foxes found in the subcutaneous tissues and muscles of the intermediate host, a lagomorph.
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Coenurus cerebralis (Metacestod) in the buccunator muscle of a goat (in Turkish).
Kalbin sol atriumu uzerinde ve sol boyun adaleleri aras1nda Coenurus cerebralis (in Turkish).
Posterior paralysis in a lamb caused by Coenurus cerebralis cyst in the lumbar spinal cord.
Goat infected with Coenurus cerebralis -- clinical manifestations.
Coenurus cerebralis is the larval stage of Taenia multiceps, an intestinal cestode of wild and domestic canids (the definitive host) (Sharma and Chauhan 2006).
The cyst was submitted for identification and based on the morphological characters, the cyst was identified as Coenurus cerebralis.
On the basis of these clinical examinations it was diagnosed as a case of Coenurus cerebralis and decided to remove the cyst surgically.