Codman tumor

Cod·man tu·mor

chondroblastoma of the proximal humerus.
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Cod·man tu·mor

(kod'măn tū'mŏr)
Chondroblastoma of the proximal humerus.
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Ernest Amory, U.S. surgeon, 1869-1940.
Codman angle
Codman cartilage clamp
Codman classification
Codman drill
Codman exercises
Codman incision
Codman saber-cut shoulder approach
Codman shunt
Codman sign - in the absence of rotator cuff function, hunching of the shoulder occurs when the deltoid muscle contracts.
Codman sponge
Codman triangle - in radiology, the interface between growing bone tumor and normal bone, presenting as an incomplete triangle formed by periosteum.
Codman tumor - chondroblastoma of the proximal humerus.
Codman vein stripper
Codman wire-passing drill
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