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Combined DNA Index System



A database maintained by the FBI of DNA samples obtained from crime scenes and directly from convicted criminals. The system is used to generate investigative leads in the evaluation of criminal behavior such as sexual assaults and murders.


A trade name for a mixture of ASPIRIN and CODEINE.
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Although federal grants have been chiefly allocated to crime laboratories, the demands of entering profiles into the CODIS extend far beyond the costs of the testing itself.
For individuals that choose to publicly post their whole-genome data sets in association with their identity, they risk providing their CODIS STR profiles as well as a potential link to their biological relatives.
Because CODIS only compares a known arrestee's DNA to a database housing DNA collected from crime scenes, an arrestee will only be identified if his DNA was present at a prior crime scene.
152) Law enforcement is given wide search capabilities by the CODIS software, which allows for three different types of searches of DNA: high stringency, moderate stringency, and low stringency.
Naturally, then, the first question to arise in this Note's inquiry into constitutionality of CODIS searches is whether such searches are in fact "searches" within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment.
In the years since its inception, CODIS has grown rapidly.
The number of cases included in the project & the number of CODIS hits produced by those cases
at 1167-68 (noting CODIS combines all state and federal DNA data in one centralized database).
There is essentially no customer overlap between the two companies and we believe the combined forensic casework, CODIS and paternity laboratory testing volumes should increase our operational efficiencies," said Thomas Bologna, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orchid Cellmark.
ABBREVIATIONS: AAFS = American Academy of Forensic Science; CLS = clinical laboratory science; CODIS = combined DNA index system; DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid; FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation; PCR = polymerase chain reaction; RFLP = restriction fragment length polymorphisms; STR = short tandem repeats; VNTR = variable numbers of tandem repeats.