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Technical product documentation published by CodePlex. (7/7/2009).
<p>According to its Web site, the new CodePlex Foundation "will complement existing open source foundations and organizations, providing a forum in which best practices and shared understanding can be established by a broad group of participants, both software companies and open source communities." <p>CodePlex has for some time been the name of the site on which Microsoft hosts open-source projects.
Additionally, the database can be downloaded for SQL Server 2000 from Microsoft (Northwind and Pubs Sample Databases for SQL Server 2000, 2010) and for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 from Codeplex (Northwind Database, 2011).
The project have been implemented and shared on the Microsoft Codeplex Open source website [1] where is browsed and downloaded by numerous developers.
<p>Funded by Microsoft, the PHP toolkit is available the Microsoft CodePlex site for open source projects.
The solution is available on Microsoft's Codeplex open source community at
The documentation can be applied to development of non-Windows applications.<p>"We're essentially trying to share the SDL processes, training [and] tools with the development ecosystem," Ladd said.<p>In another Microsoft-related development being announced, Black Duck Software said it has entered into an agreement with Microsoft in which projects from the Microsoft CodePlex open source project hosting site will be fed automatically into the Black Duck open source KnowledgeBase repository.