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Microsoft(R) CodePlex is already home to more than 30 collaborative development efforts, including open source software projects that reflect the open community-building spirit of Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative.
CLEVELAND -- PreEmptive Solutions, a leading provider of solutions to measure, manage, and protect applications, announced today that its Runtime Intelligence Service will publish application and feature usage statistics for Microsoft's CodePlex open source hosting service.
The repository project compliments an earlier CodePlex project that takes advantage of the Visual Studio 2010 extensibility framework to surface runtime intelligence data inside the Code Editor found at http://rieditorextension.
Apache Subversion is used in Bounty Source, CodePlex, Django, ExtJS, Free BSD, FreePascal, GCC, Google Code, MediaWiki, Mono, PHP, Ruby, SourceForge, and Tigris.
Bamboo has been a long-term contributor to The Community Kit for SharePoint Project on Codeplex, which provides best practices, templates, Web Parts, tools, and source code for free, enabling practically anyone to create a community website based on SharePoint technology.
The tools are part of a larger Search Community Toolkit on CodePlex, the Microsoft open source project hosting web site.
In this role, Sandy co-founded CodePlex, Microsoft's open source project hosting site for collaborative community development.
The source code for OGDI is publicly available on CodePlex, Microsoft's open source hosting site, so that developers can reuse and provide feedback.
This new toolkit will be available in Q3 2007 on Microsoft CodePlex.
Microsoft is making the source code for both the Ontology Add-in for Office Word 2007 and the Creative Commons Add-in for Office Word 2007 tool available under the Open Source Initiative (OSI)-approved Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) on CodePlex, Microsoft's Web site for hosting open source projects, at http://ucsdbiolit.
Aras Innovator open source projects for new solutions, solution extensions, Microsoft Office clients, and system integrations are hosted on the Microsoft CodePlex collaborative development site at www.
A generic Web-based scheduling application that allows volunteers to schedule themselves to work events for a nonprofit organization was created and posted to CodePlex, Microsoft's online open source project hosting web site, so that any organization can access and use it.