Code Green

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system, indicating
(1) The need for an emergency evacuation of a ward or the facility itself
(2) A combative person using physical force, who may be armed
(3) External disaster
(4) Fire drill
(5) All Clear, return to duties
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The provincial health office (PHO) in Albay province has raised the 'code green' alert as dengue cases continued to rise.
Color code green is indicative of low acuity, represented by the presence of less than 3 variables.)
The GDN learnt that King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) issued a Code Green alert, reserved for disaster emergencies, as it prepared to receive some of the wounded.
4 September 2018 - California, US-based Code Green Apparel Corp.
On board as Director is Cynthia Uhrich (Code Green, Robert in the Bedroom, M4W) a seasoned acting and directing educator and actress.
Other integral team members include architect of record Adamson Associates, MEP Engineer FMC & Associates, code consulting Rizzo Group, structural engineer Severud Associates, sustainability manager Code Green and curtain wall by Israel Berger & Associates.
But the paramedic popped a device onto my finger and listened to my heartbeat, and announced, "Code green, code green" to the driver, who, I swear, hit the brakes and slowed right down, switching off the siren, before stopping leisurely at every traffic light.
This line of thinking led to the development of Zingerman's Code Green reports to document customer compliments.
The 10,000-member First Eagle deployed the Loan Saver system from Code Green LLC in August.
McMillan: One I would advise most long-term care organizations, except for the very largest, to go with is one called Code Green Networks.
In North Carolina, the initiative is partnering with the Code Green Initiative of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS), an effort to advance sustainability on NCCCS campuses and in surrounding communities.