Code Gray

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system, indicating the need for an emergency management response to
(1) A combative person with no obvious weapon
(2) Real or perceived act of terrorism from conventional, nuclear, biological or chemical agents, or other security emergency
(3) Severe weather
(4) Severe air pollution
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After the calling of a Code Gray, an IV nurse playfully comes up behind a nurse manager and says, "I found her, I found her.
At HealthAlliance, a program called Code Gray brings extra staff to the emergency department to help prevent diversions or cut down on a diversion's length, she said.
Code Gray has reduced the number of hours that ambulances have to be diverted from HealthAlliance, she said.
Mazzarella in January to learn about the Code Gray program.
For all that, he acknowledged, the number of Code Grays actually has increased since the new policies were adopted.