Code Brown

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Nursing A facetious term for an incontinence-related emergency—e.g., bowel movement in bed
Public safety (1) An external emergency situation—e.g., mass casualties from a natural or man-made disaster or due to a chemical, biologic or radiologic incident—requiring the receiving hospital to prepare itself for victims
(2) Severe weather
(3) Missing adult patient
(4) Medical gas emergency
(5) Chemical spill
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Likely because we now have Code Red, Code Black, Code Pink, and the occasional "code brown," the origins for "code blue" have been lost to time and replaced with tight definitions in policies, protocols, and guidelines.
Mark your territory by dropping code brown at the quietest toilet in the world.
My wife was alarmed and quickly looked back to the tub and saw -- for the first time since our children were born -- that there was a Code Brown in the tubby.
The moral of the story is that when the small person tells you he has stomach pain, even if it used multiple times as an excuse to avoid anything from homework to brushing his teeth, it must not be ignored, lest a code brown situation might ensue.