Code Amber

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A message announced over a hospital’s public address system warning the staff of
(1) An infant abduction
(2) A theft or armed robbery in progress within the facility
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A code amber or yellow category would have given crews 19 minutes to attend to people suffering from chest pains, instead of the eight minutes they are allowed in a code red.
I'm talking code amber, poised in anticipation for an event that is imminent, inevitable and - in my six-year-old's eyes - life-changing.
But despite 76-year-old Mr Gould also suffering from heart disease, controllers classed the call as "code amber" - instead of red for emergency - and diverted two ambulances that had been sent to his home.
The Met Office also issued a "code amber" severe weather warning, urging the public to be prepared for conditions which have "the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption".
"This particular drill, Code Amber, was held to assess the effectiveness of Tawam's child abduction response plan," said a hospital official.
a nonprofit organization, is working to release a new version of the Code Amber Alertag.
At 9.13am - 24 minutes after the first explosion at Aldgate - a decision was reached to implement a "Code Amber" - when all trains were sus-pended.
A Code Amber was immediately issued, and doors/exits were locked for a good 45 minutes.
When (if) he does score a goal, local nightclubs and bars will be put on standby for a code amber. Supporters are still blind to MK's salary breakdown, and GMc's contractual obligations to lend him his Bentley on weekends.
1.45pm Transport for London confirms they have imposed a code amber at three tube lines.
Code Amber called on three affected Tube lines by Transport for London which means trains are taken to the next station and passengers evacuated to above ground.
Instead they called a Code Amber - telling drivers to head for the nearest station and let people out.