Code 20

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system warning the staff of mass casualty, not exceeding 20 people
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The subject of the order is the receipt of: 1) unsegregated (mixed) municipal waste code 20 03 01, 2) municipal waste collected in a selective manner in accordance with the regulations: A) "glass" - packaging waste of colorless and colored glass, Code 15 01 07, (b) ~paper~ - waste of paper, Including cardboard, Paper waste of paper and packaging waste of cardboard 15 01 01, 20 01 01 c) "metals and plastics" - waste of metals, Plastics, Including plastic packaging waste and multi-material packaging waste with code 15 01 02, 15 01 04, 15 01 05, D) "bio" - biodegradable municipal waste, Including biodegradable packaging waste, And green waste code 20 02 01, 20 01 08, 3) other waste collected selectively
The modular design enables the use of Code 20, Code 200, and Code 300 series racks.
If anyone wishes to buy a brick or make a donation electronically, the campaign account number is 70893633 with sort code 20.
Any business that offered sponsorship to Bill and Jason should now forward their money to the Richard Jenkins Memorial Fund at Barclays Bank, Sort code 20 18 27 A, account number 20568783, or phone Sub Officer Leigh Jones at Barry Fire station, on 01443 232269 or 01446 741414.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Collection and management service for unsegined (mixed) municipal waste with code 20 03 01 (poland-ldz: Refuse and waste related services)
Large-size wastes with the code 20 03 07 originating from residential real estate will be collected once in 2017 (the condition for the task in 2017 is the settlement of the tender in 2017 and the signing of the contract until 27/12/2017) and twice in 2018 in the event of not concluding the contract by 27/12/2017, The waste will be collected only twice in 2018.
Annual non-differentiated municipal waste recovery service - erc code 20 03 01 - produced by fiumicino airport - leonardo da vinci - and ciampino - g.
Task 1: The subject of the order is the receipt, Transport and disposal of post-consumer waste with code 20 01 08 according to regulation of the minister of the environment of 29/12/2014 regarding the waste catalog (journal of laws of 2014, Item 1923) of animal by-products of category 3, Arising.
06) deriving from the separate collection of urban waste collected by ecoambiente in the territories under its responsibility, For a total quantity in a year of about 3 500 tons, Estimated on the basis of the 2016 annual production values; 2) defined plastic fraction (cer code 20.