Cockroach Allergen

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Any cockroach body part-derived allergen; 30 to 75% of children in US inner cities are allergic to cockroach allergen, in contrast to almost no children in the suburbs; cockroach allergen appears to worsen asthma symptoms more than either dust mite or pet allergens; cockroach allergens are the primary contributor to childhood asthma in inner-city home environments
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In 2001, NIEHS researchers conducted a 6-month trial to test a new intervention method for reducing cockroach allergen levels in low-income, urban homes.
The researchers also discovered that cockroach allergens had a greater impact on asthma than did dust mite allergens.
From this research, Brenner and fellow researchers have developed a cockroach allergen detection kit.
An estimated 20%-53% of allergic patients and 49-61% of asthmatic patients test positive in being sensitive to cockroach allergen (Hannaway, 1993).
Exposure to cockroach allergen in sensitized individuals can cause asthma exacerbation (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2000) and exposure to mold among sensitized individuals is associated with asthma exacerbation (IOM, 2004).
In particular, exposure to cockroach allergen in early life can lead to allergic airway inflammation and an increased risk of developing asthma [18,19].