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A.L., British epidemiologist, 1909-1988. See: Cochrane collaboration.
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After dark we reached the Hacienda of Quintero, the estate which formerly belonged to Lord Cochrane.
A Cochrane Review has a specific structure designed to facilitate a more systematic assessment of all the important issues.
Dean Cochrane was asked whether he inflicted any of the injuries on the toddler, who cannot be named.
Aunque en esta ultima decada el numero de revisiones sistematicas ha crecido de manera paulatina en las publicaciones biomedicas de mayor prestigio, el impulso enorme en esta direccion viene, sin duda, de la Colaboracion Cochrane.
Cochrane posted the threats against a woman on t h r e e occasions after they split up earlier this year.
Alun Cochrane, a Perrier Award nominee, might be appearing at the slightly smaller St David's Hall, but audiences are looking forward to his date in Wales just as much.
PERRIER Award nominee Alun Cochrane is following in the footsteps of Michael McIntyre with a stand-up gig in Cardiff.
Byline: After appearing on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, Alun Cochrane is heading out on his own tour.
ALUN COCHRANE Stand-up turned comedy panellist Alun Cochrane is giving up the quick fix of television to get back to basics.
Cochrane was the founding dean of medicine for the University of Calgary.
Back in the early 1980s, Eugene resident Douglas Cochrane was teaching himself how to program computers and write software to help steel fabricators more accurately estimate the costs of projects.
The Cochrane Back Review Group is one of 50 Review Groups that produces and maintains systematic reviews on the effects of healthcare.

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