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pain in the coccyx and neighboring region. Called also coccyalgia and coccydynia.
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Pain in the coccygeal region.
[coccyx + G. ōdyne, pain]
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Pain in the coccygeal region.
Synonym(s): coccyalgia, coccydynia, coccyodynia.
[coccyx + G. odynē, pain]
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Persistent pain in the tail region of the spine, usually following a fracture of the small bones of the coccyx from a fall or a kick.
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Also called coccygodynia. Pain in or around the coccyx.
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At the time of presentation, the patient endorsed 10/10 coccyx pain on visual analog scale.
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I've got a nagging headache, a stiff neck and recurring coccyx pain. The latter has been a curse.
Coccyx pain does last a long time, but it should have settled by now.
Symptoms associated with CPP include low back pain, heavy feeling in pelvis, radiating leg pain, pain with urination and/or defecation, constipation, diarrhea, coccyx pain, supra pubic pain, abdominal pain, bloating, and/or cramping, irregular menstrual cycles, pain with menstruation, and dyspareunia.
Apparently, there is an area somewhere between the scrotum and rectum where a needle can be placed in order to alleviate coccyx pain. I think the access point was raised for information purposes rather than a suggestion for a treatment programme.
From the time I left my bodyworker's that evening, and for the eight days that followed, my lower back area and coccyx pained me terribly.