Coats disease

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ex·u·da·tive ret·i·ni·tis

, retinitis exudativa
a chronic abnormality characterized by deposition of cholesterol and cholesterol esters in outer retinal layers and subretinal space. In adults, often preceded by uveitis; in children, often preceded by retinal vascular abnormalities.
Synonym(s): Coats disease
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Coats dis·ease

(kōts di-zēz')
A condition with findings that include yellow subretinal exudates and telangiectactic retinal vessels; typically unilateral and often associated with serous retinal detachment.
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Coats disease

[George Coats, Brit. ophthalmologist, 1876–1915]
A congenital, unilateral nonhereditary disorder of the retina characterized by aneurysmal dilation of blood vessels with prominent subretinal exudate. This term is used to describe at least six separate retinal disorders.
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George, English ophthalmologist, 1876-1915.
Coats disease - a chronic abnormality characterized by deposition of cholesterol in outer retinal layers and subretinal space. Synonym(s): exudative retinitis
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