Coanda effect

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Henri-Marie, Romanian aerodynamicist, 1885-1972.
Coanda effect - a stream of air or fluid emerging from a nozzle follows a nearby curved surface if the angle of curve is not too sharp.
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Chelikani [18] used numerical simulation method to demonstrate that the Coanda effect would influence the trajectory of fine fibers created by the melt-blown process.
Also, modern trash rakes are used by various hydroelectric plants, and can include advanced features such as the Coanda effect, wedge-wire screens, cleaning robots, etc.
With a problem to solve, Dyson engineers used the Dyson's fast, high-pressure digital V9 motor to harness a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect, which occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows next to a surface, and, due to differences in pressure, the airflow attaches itself to the surface.
Your PS399 is buying you 'The Coanda Effect', which may sound like a bad Tom Cruise film, but is actually a high-speed air jet that wraps your hair around the curling barrel.
Tat, "Coanda Effect Test Bench (CoETB)--design enhancement of the [Coanda.sup.JLT] craft," in 2011 IEEE Conference on Sustainable Utilization and Development in Engineering and Technology (STUDENT), pp.
Odenthal, "Drag reduction of motor vehicles by active flow control using the Coanda effect," Experiments in Fluids, vol.
Because of the Coanda effect from both the structural floor below and raised floor above, the air would rifle with little induction out to the UFT, providing colder inlet air.
Another option is to use energy efficient nozzles, which reduces air consumption by at least 50%, but uses the coanda effect to entrain the ambient air to increase the overall flow and volume of the air jet.