Coal Mine Fire

A fire and resulting explosion in a coal mine caused by ignited coal dusts and methane
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Two additional grants are also coming to Southeastern -- a grant of about $90,000 from the Delta Regional Authority for fire safety training, and a $25,000 Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grant to help with coal mine fire brigade training, part of a co-application with Rend Lake College.
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Free Verse, by Sarah Dooley When Sarah ends up in foster care and her dad dies in a coal mine fire and her mom runs off, she's delighted to find family she didn't know she had.
HARByN (CyHAN)- Twenty-two miners were confirmed dead following a coal mine fire in northeastern China.
TOKYO, Nov 24 (KUNA) -- Twenty two miners were confirmed dead following a coal mine fire in northeastern China, as the body of the last missing miner was retrieved, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.
Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan dedicated the award to "the young people in Turkey and those who lost their lives in the last year." A coal mine fire in Turkey recently killed 301 workers.
Public anger has surged in the wake of the Soma coal mine fire. Police used tear gas and water cannon Friday to disperse protesters in Soma who were demanding that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government resign.
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Currently, coal mine fire continues to be one of the major hazards during the global mine production [5-7], which directly threatens mine safety production and causes severe hazards including serious air pollution, water pollution, ecological disturbance, and geological disasters, in addition to the potential massive loss of energy resources.
The coal mine fire has spread to the entire underground area and the solid coal base within the earth has got reduced to ashes and now slowly cracks have started appearing on the surface of the earth.