Coal Mine Disaster

Any explosion, collapse, or flood in a coal mine that results in a significant loss of life
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Nine miners have died in a coal mine disaster in Balochistan.
Haven't we learned from the: Laobaidong colliery disaster in Datong, China (1960) estimated to have 682 deaths due to a gas explosion Coalbrook colliery disaster in Clydesdale, South Africa (1960) with 435 deaths the Mitsui Miike Coal Mine disaster in Fukuoka, Japan (1963) with 458 deaths due to a gas explosion the Wankie Coal Mine disaster in Hwange, Zimbabwe (1972) causing 426 deaths due to suffocation Chasnala coal mine disaster in Dhanbad, India (1975) causing 372 deaths of miners due to drowning.
1965 236 miners are killed in the Yamano coal mine disaster in Fukuoka, Japan.
Through different cases, the author analyzes the bottlenecks in the development of the rescue robot deeply from three dimensions of market demand, policy license, and technology and puts forward some suggestions on the future development of the coal mine disaster rescue robot.
BaygE-l, 20, is fighting a lone battle after losing her husband, Hayrullah BaygE-l, in the Soma coal mine disaster last year.
Hundreds of labourers die on the job every year in Turkey and its lax worker safety record has come under increased scrutiny since May, when a coal mine disaster killed 301 workers in the western town of Soma, the country's worst industrial accident in history.
Meanwhile, anti-government protests have remained a regular fixture of Turkey's social and political landscape so far this year, with the Soma coal mine disaster on May 13 just one example of a recent catalyst for renewed bouts of nationwide unrest.
At the meeting, the Turkish ambassador handed over a thank-you letter to al-Raie from the Turkish Parliament's Speaker Cemil Cicek on the condolence letter on the victims of the coal mine disaster occurred last month in Turkey.
Colombo, May 16 -- President Mahinda Rajapaksa has expressed shock and sadness over the coal mine disaster in Soma, Turkey, about 150 miles south of Istanbul, last Tuesday (13th May 2014), which has up to now claimed the lives of over 280 miners and left several others injured.
WELSH miners' leader Tyrone O'Sullivan yesterday offered his heartfelt sympathies to the families of those killed and injured in the Turkish coal mine disaster.
(Reuters) - Furious Turks heckled Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and jostled his entourage on Wednesday as protests erupted in several cities over a coal mine disaster in which at least 274 people died, making it the worst industrial accident in the nation's history.
All tests of this paper were done in State Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Disaster Dynamics and Control belonging to Chongqing University.