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Survey results also showed that while co-pay discount programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies are important in promoting adherence, rewards programs rank equally in the minds of physicians.
With a $5 co-pay for each medication, the overwhelming majority didn't get their prescriptions filled.
By accepting a plan with a higher co-pay, the town will have only a 7.
Employers with a $5 co-pay for any type of drug averaged $725 per employee in prescription cost on an annual basis.
Community Blue had to roll back its 50% co-pay to 20%; Health Care Plan was allowed to require a 20% co-pay; and Independent Health's co-pay had to remain at 20%.
The Co-Pay Relief Program, a division of Patient Advocate Foundation, provides direct financial support for pharmaceutical co-payments to insured patients who financially and medically qualify.
Fifteen dollars is pretty good for a co-pay and so is 100 percent hospital coverage,'' Riccardi said.
Imagine if we had to fork out a co-pay for every wire harness, bolt assembly, lug nut, spark plug, CPU, body panel.
BOSTON -- Employees and their families are making more trips to the emergency room (ER), urgent care facilities and specialists' offices as relatively low co-pay costs are narrowing the gap between those and other services - notably primary care physicians.
In addition to raising the co-pay to $200, the amended bill would increase the cap annually, tying it to the state's consumer price index and quickly moving the actual cost of the cap much higher than $200.
If they are in an HMO now they have no co-pay for a doctor visit,'' Maynard said.
Additional components include a $200 deductible, a co-pay of 20 percent after the deductible is met, and an annual stop loss of $3,000.