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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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I love the detail of having the co-ordinates on the neck of the shirt" The strip is available to pre-order now from evertondirect.
Mr Makki urged caravans to co-ordinate with those officials.
X,Y,Z- cartesian co-ordinates (rotated XOYZ-frame);
model co-ordinates, for different loads is observed.
The joint CP (law and order), who should be in charge of the disaster management cell and co-ordinate with all control rooms, was shifted to other urgent work and the decision was taken jointly by Gafoor and then director general of police A N Roy.
They also co-ordinate street clean-ups and planting sessions with volunteers, encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.
A list of final geographical co-ordinates and detailed maps will be signed off at the event in Muscat.
Norman Foster's personal passion for cross-country skiing inspires Where Are You (middle), a sculpted snow dial with the global co-ordinates for his London office designed in collaboration with Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.
That organization, according to its Web site, co-ordinates papers, books and conferences that offer "significant reflection on core matters of the doctrine and discipline of the church for its clergy and lay members.
The Coast to Coast Cardiac Network, which co-ordinates care for Coronary Heart Disease, has gone live in cyberspace with the launch of the website.
For employers who have employees in more than one location across Ontario, CON*NECT co-ordinates multi-site training solutions.