coenzyme Q10

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coenzyme Q10

A factor present in mitochondria which extracts energy from foods. It has acquired a reputation among fringe nutritionists as being effective in detoxifying patients with an overdose of environmental pollutants; it is also claimed to be beneficial in treating hypertension, obesity, periodontal disease, preventing cancer, increasing longevity and revitalising the immune system.
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(ko-en'zim?) [ co- + enzyme]
An enzyme activator; a diffusible, heat-stable substance of low molecular weight that, when combined with an inactive protein called apoenzyme, forms an active compound or a complete enzyme called a holoenzyme (e.g., adenylic acid, riboflavin, and coenzymes I and II).

coenzyme A

A derivative of pantothenic acid, important as a carrier molecule for acetyl groups in many reactions including the Krebs cycle (tricarboxylic acid cycle) and the oxidation of fatty acids.

coenzyme Q

A dietary supplement promoted by alternative medicine practitioners as an antioxidant and as a treatment for gingivitis and heart diseases.

coenzyme Q10

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The richest concentrations of Co Q-10 are in the heart so supplying the body with sufficient amounts of the nutrient should help prevent heart and circulation problems.
Approximately 75 per cent of heart patients are found to be deficient in Co Q-10.
Along with ageing, other factors may deplete the body of Co Q-10, affecting the body's ability to manufacture adequate amounts and increasing the risk of deficiency.
Poor eating habits, stress, illnesses and infections can reduce the amount of Co Q-10 in our system.